Keepsake Caboose
Discrepancy between picture of item and its description.
At times we may get the wrong photo posted with a description. Written descriptions will always take precedent over item pictures. Please CONTACT US

if you notice this type of error. Also, product that may be posted with a $0.00 purchase price will not be shipped due to incorrect price.

Does this Ornament come with a box?
All ornaments come in their own manufacturers box and, unless specified, are in mint condition. Any other box condition will be noted in the item description.

I ordered an orament and it has not shipped yet?
We offer pre-orders for Ornament Premiere, Debut and KOC Events. The in stock/availability date is noted in red at the bottom of the item description. By pre-ordering you have the opportunity to order this product before it is released and are guaranteed of getting it at your purchase price. All orders require payment when placed.

My credit card has been charged and I have not received my Purchase
All orders require payment when placed. As noted above pre-orders ship when the ornaments are released. We only ship complete orders so if you purchase items with different release dates the full order will ship following the last release date of the ornaments in your order. As noted in Frequent Questions for split shipment. If you want any items before the last release date please process separate orders so you will get your items in the time frame you would like.