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Is Keepsake Caboose affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc.?
Keepsake Caboose is not affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. or any of its divisions or subsidiaries including Gold Crown Stores.

Can I place a pre-order for an item before it is released?
Yes, release dates are noted in red letters in the product description details. Your complete order will be shipped following the latest release date of the ornaments in your order.

Will you split ship an order that has items with 2 or more release dates?
As noted above your complete order will be shipped following the latest release date of the ornaments in your order. If you want any items before the last release date please process separate orders so you will get your items in the time frame you would like based on the last release date.

What if I do not see a particular ornament I am looking for?
We are constantly updating our inventory Contact Us or check our site in a few days. We do have a few customers that would like us to procure ornaments that we our out of. We than inspect and ship to them.

What if I want more than one of a particular ornament for the current season?
You can CONTACT US to see if we can obtain more of these items for you. After we have assured you that we can get more of the same items check the website for an updated ornament count.

Are the ornaments new, never displayed and/or never removed from the box?
We get our inventory from many sources so do not always know the specific condition. All products sold are MIB unless otherwise noted. We do, however, guarantee that all the items we sell are new or in like new condition with only the box conditions varying unless otherwise noted. Our condition references relate to the box condition only. For example, with a MIB ornament, you will receive a perfect ornament in a new or like new box. A like new box may show some very slight wear but has no creases, dents, tears or written marks. The price tag will be attached

If there is no box condition noted with an item, what is it?
Due to space and time constraints we cannot note box condition for every item. unless otherwise noted our items will be MIB-Mint In Box. Once you click on the actual item you will see the box condition noted. The collectibles are always mint unless noted in the specific item description.

What does SDB, DB, NT, etc. in the item list or description mean?
These are standard abbreviations for Hallmark Collectibles referring to box condition only. The ornaments or collectibles are always undamaged unless noted in the specific item description. We will note below the abbreviations and a brief definition.

MIB- Mint in Box

A perfect ornament contained in a box condition that is new or in like new condition which may show some very slight wear but has no creases, dents, tears or written marks.

SDB - Slightly Damaged Box -
The ornament is mint but the box may be dented, creased, slightly torn, marked or show more than normal shelf wear.

DB - Damaged Box -
Again, the ornament is mint but the box is definitely damaged.

NT - Not Tag -
The ornament is mint and the box is new or like new but has no price tag attached. Hallmark prices are printed on the box usually on the bottom

NIB - New In Box -
The ornament and box are new and the ornament has never been displayed.

NRB - Never Removed From Box -
The ornament and box are new and the ornament has never been out of the box most often the box has not been opened.

What are Color-way Ornaments?
Color-way ornaments, also known as repaints, are Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that have all or part of the ornament painted a different color than the original ornament in the Keepsake Collection. They are produced by Hallmark in limited quantities compared to the line ornaments and used as prizes or incentives for various events and situations. The secondary market value of these items depends on how many were produced, how difficult they are to get and the popularity of the original ornament or its series. Most of these items are boxed in the same box as the original line ornament but have a gold sticker on the front upper corner designating the event or situation for which they were produced. However, the earliest color-ways/repaints were boxed in original boxes with NO color-way sticker or designation to note the difference in the ornament. Hallmark no longer use the gold sticker on the boxes are marked Special Edition, Limited Quantity, or there can be a description of the Event or Artist signing in the description on the box.

What do the term KOC, Club and Events mean?
KOC = stands for Keepsake Ornament Club is the National Club
Club= Oraments that Ofered to KOC members
Event= Are National KOC Events or Artist Signings

What are shipping costs and how do you ship?
Please refer to our shipping information section at the following link: SHIPPING We use USPS to do the majority of our shipping. The system automatically figures out shipping cost based on your zone or country unless shipping promotion applies.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We will not share our customers private information with anyone. We treat yours like we would want our own information treated. Ocasionally we send out reminders about events or sales.

Where are you located? Do you have a retail store?
We live in Sarasota, FL but do not have a retail store. We attend all the KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) Hallmark National Events and Artist Signings close to Flodia. Please look for us at any of these functions.

How do I contact someone at Keepsake Caboose?
Please refer to our link Contatact Us in the information box. Leave a message on our cell 941-313-6347

What is our return policy?
There is no restocking fee. We do not accept returns of current year ornaments purchased between 12/18 - 12/26. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and insurance costs, which will not be reimbursed for any reason along with original shipping cost. Returns have to be authorized by us no later than 14 days after receipt.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept the following forms of payment

Paypal, our preferred method, allows cash transfer and/or credit card purchases. It is not necessary to be a member of Paypal to make credit card payments through them.
Personal checks drawn on U.S. banks. Please include a telephone number or e-mail address along with a copy of your order in case we have questions about your order or shipping address.
Money orders in U.S. Dollars.

All payments must be in U.S. Dollars

Checks and Money orders need to be received within 10 business days of placing order or it will be cancelled. No refunds will be issued for any unauthorized returns.

Returns must be in the original packaging and ornament must be in a condition as sent. Any ornaments received that our in a different than original shipped condition will have will be adjusted when issuing a return.

If your are new to this site and need an explanation of how to locate information please read the following:
To find a Hallmark ornament go to the Categories Box and click on Category. This will show you the different product categories. Select the one you would like to see.

Current Year

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Event Pieces

You can also search by the enter any of the following information:

Artist, Ornament Name full or partial, Box number ie: qxi1234, Description

To get a complete description click on the picture or the product name.

Selections can be added to the shopping cart by clicking on the Buy Now button or in the item description mode simply click Add to Shopping Cart.
At this point you either continue to shop or go to checkout.
Once check out is complete especial in paypal come back to site and click on anything to complete order process

Not comfortable ordering online?
Please feel free to call us and we will take your order by telephone

(941) 313-6347